Sunday, December 6, 2009

RPA Straw Poll Results

Prior to this year, most folks would never have guessed there were so many Republicans in Arkansas. The Republican Party of Arkansas' Winter Leadership Summit was held Saturday at the Arlington Hotel Ball Room in Hot Springs. With the capacity to seat 800, it was a standing room only crowd.

The main event was certainly the Straw Poll for the seven announced candidates who hope to defeat incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln in 2010. Each of the seven candidates were given approximately seven and a half minutes to address the crowd and then attendees were allowed to vote for their choice to represent the Republican Party in next year's general election.

RPA Chairman Doyle Webb addressed attendees prior to the candidates' speeches and encouraged them to agree on a common goal of defeating Lincoln next year. And while a GOP candidate wouldn't be chosen until the primary next May, Webb hoped everyone would seek to choose the candidate most capable of accomplishing that mission in November 2010. He reminded the crowd, "Any Republican will be a better Senator than one who calls her fellow citizens un-American for expressing their constitutional rights."

All seven announced 2010 candidates for Lincoln's seat participated and their speeches can be heard in the videos below. The top three finishers in the straw poll were:

  1. State Senator Gilbert Baker with 35% of the vote.
  2. Curtis Coleman with 33% of the vote.
  3. Colonel Conrad Reynolds with 23% of the vote.

Please vote in the poll below for your favorite of the candidates.


  1. CURTIS COLEMAN 2010 for US SENATE!!! He is the best candidate and should be supported! He's not afraid to get to work and not just be told what to do and how to vote like Lincoln. He is truely going to vote for what the people want and fight to reduce the national debt. COLEMAN 2010!!!

  2. No one will work harder to represent Arkansas than Curtis Coleman!

  3. There are several good men running for senate. Curtis Coleman is the one who can get the job done and provide real conservative leadership once he gets to Washington. Go Curtis!

  4. There is only one person I saw there on Saturday who I know will fight for our conservative values, and that is the guy who has fought for our freedom for 29 years, Col. Conrad Reynolds!

  5. When it comes down to not just representing but KNOWING Arkansans, Kim Hendren has the ear and heart of Arkansas. I think almost any candidate would work hard, fight hard and can claim they are the right conservative man for the job. What is really important is which candidate fully understands Arkansas...has lived Arkansas...has visited Arkansans in ALL walks of life and has the BEST view of where ALL Arkansans are coming from when they express their views. Kim Hendren has PROVEN to be that man and knows voter support is EARNED and you can't earn anything without talking directly to ALL Arkansans...again, like Kim Hendren has and is doing today.

  6. FRED RAMEY FOR US SENATE!!!! He is the right one for the position and he will get the job done. He will listen to what the people of Arkansas have to say and make good decisions.
    Ramey 2010!!!!