Thursday, December 31, 2009

Terrorism Still a Threat

by Representative John Boozman

WASHINGTON-–An attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253 Christmas Day highlights a failure in aviation security and has renewed the discussion of safety in the air.

This breach of security is a serious cause for concern and as a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Aviation Subcommittee, U.S. Representative John Boozman (R-AR), will work to find solutions that prevent future attacks.

“The Christmas Day act of terrorism proves the national security policies of President Obama and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, have not done anything to make our country safer. This is not a time to play political games. Our nation must take the necessary steps to protect the safety of its citizens, but the out of touch priorities of this administration threatens the security” Boozman said.

“Over the last year, it would appear that the Administration and Secretary Napolitano are more concerned about closing Guantanamo Bay detention facility, bringing terrorists to the U.S, and profiling our nation’s veterans and right-to-life advocates as terror threats than they have been with identifying and closing the loopholes that jeopardize the safety of Americans. The war on terror is something we fight every day and we must on stay one step ahead of the bad-actors of the world. We must focus on real threats, adopt proven security tactics, prevent leaks and improve interagency coordination, and stop finger pointing at the Central Intelligence Agency. We are all on the same team and its time that we act like it.”

Blanche Lincoln Schedule--January 4-8, 2010

It's no secret by now that Senator Blanche Lincoln has abandoned any pretense of representing Arkansas voters in the Obama Administration's quest to take over the US health care system. She's counting on her traitorous Christmas Eve vote putting the issue to rest, on Arkansas voters to accept defeat and be ruled by the desires of her and her elitist colleagues.

Now is the time to gather our strength. Make sure she returns to Washington with the understanding that Arkansans feel betrayed and will vote accordingly in 2010. She can still stop this madness when the House and Senate present a reconciled bill. She must feel the pressure.

The following is a list of events and locations where voters can find Senator Lincoln during the Senate recess. If at all possible, please make plans to attend one or more of these events to communicate your displeasure with Lincoln's refusal to represent Arkansas voters.

The following is a list of my schedule of events for January 4-8, 2010:

Monday, January 4—Searcy, McCrory, Augusta
  • 1:00 p.m. Tour of Bryce Corporation plant. 500 Benton Avenue, Searcy.
  • 4:00 p.m. Meeting with Mad Butcher employees. 901 N Edmonds Avenue, McCrory.
  • 6:30 p.m. Keynote speaker, Celebrate Augusta dinner. White River Rural Health Center Augusta Wellness Center, 906 N. 4th Street in Augusta.
Tuesday, January 5—Little Rock, Stuttgart
  • 11:45 a.m. Keynote speaker, Downtown Kiwanis Club of Little Rock. The Little Rock Club, Regions Bank building, 30th Floor, 400 W. Capitol, Suite 2435.
  • 6:30 p.m. Keynote speaker, 70th Annual Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce Dinner. Occasions, 2114 South Main Street, Stuttgart.
Wednesday, January 6—Sheridan, El Dorado
  • 9:00 a.m. Keynote speaker, Sheridan High School Assembly. Sheridan High School, 700 West Vine Street.
  • 2:30 p.m. Meeting with poultry growers. South Arkansas Community College, Library, El Dorado.
Thursday, January 7—Little Rock, Conway
  • 12:00 p.m. Keynote speaker, Annual Quality Asphalt Paving Conference. Holiday Inn- Airport, 3201 Bankhead Drive, Little Rock.
  • 4:00 p.m. Press availability following tour Conway Hewlett-Packard facility. Meadows Technology Park, Conway.
Friday, January 8—Gillett
  • 7:00 p.m. Annual Coon Supper in Gillett. Gillett High School cafeteria.

Please try to attend one or more of these events to let Senator Lincoln know she's let Arkansas down.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Health Care Lies from Senator Lincoln

For weeks, Senator Blanche Lincoln allowed Arkansas voters to believe she just might save them from the prospect of a government-run healthcare system. It turned out she had no intention of listening to the majority. Senator Lincoln chose to represent the Harry Reid/leftist zealot-wing of the Democrat Party, against the will of the majority of Arkansas voters.

Following her vote to support passage of the final version of Harry Reid's 2,034 page bill, Senator Lincoln sent an "eNewsletter" to those who had previously contacted her about this issue. Following the Democrat game plan that's been used throughout the debate on health care reform, Lincoln's letter is filled with lies, omissions, and misrepresentations.

Senator Lincoln Lies About Her Priorities

Near the end of her newsletter, Lincoln claims "my first priority remains the people of Arkansas and not any political party or partisan organization, and I will not support legislation that does not serve the best interests of our great state." In fact, her vote to support this legislation is a slap in the face to the 64% of Arkansans who oppose the bill.

It was obvious to anyone paying attention as far back as November, and Lincoln would have to have been wearing blinders if she didn't notice. Before she voted for cloture on the bill drafted by the Senate Finance Committee, Zogby released a poll showing the sitting Senator held a slight lead over her potential Republican challengers in next year's election. When asked who they would vote for if Lincoln voted for the health care bill, the tide turned.

But when voters were asked how they would vote in a Lincoln-Baker race if Lincoln voted in favor of the healthcare legislation, the incumbent Democrat fell behind her possible GOP challenger 37-49.
It's quite obvious Lincoln's first priority wasn't with the people of Arkansas when she voted for Reid's government takeover of the US health care system.

Senator Lincoln Lies About Medicare Cuts

Lincoln's newsletter also claims "I have worked hard in this bill to ensure seniors will not see a reduction in the Medicare coverage and benefits they have always relied upon." But that's not consistent with the near $500 billion in cuts to the program that even President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services says is likely to cause fewer doctors to treat medicare patients.

Though she states "I believe in the promise our government made to working Americans - that if we work hard, Medicare will be there to help us in our golden years," she voted for Reid's bill that will, according to Senator Tom Coburn (a medical doctor from Oklahoma), deny treatment for ailing seniors!
For instance, the Reid bill (in sections 3403 and 2021) explicitly empowers Medicare to deny treatment based on cost. An Independent Medicare Advisory Board created by the bill—composed of permanent, unelected and, therefore, unaccountable members—will greatly expand the rationing practices that already occur in the program.
Evidently Lincoln believes in empty government promises to Arkansas' seniors!

Senator Lincoln Lies About Transparency

Lincoln also boasts in her newsletter, "Throughout this process, I have pushed to ensure the Senate is conducting this debate in a public and transparent manner." But her definition of transparent may not be as clear as one would expect.

Though she did set up a health care resources page on her website, Lincoln didn't quite fulfill her promise to post ALL relevant information on the page in a timely manner.

In fact, Lincoln was a participant in closed-door meetings that forged the final version of Reid's bill. The text of that "compromise" apparently wasn't considered a "health care resource" because it wasn't posted on her site for all to see. Even though Harry Reid sent the text to the Congressional Budget Office two weeks before the first vote on the bill, Lincoln agreed to keep it hidden from her constituents in Arkansas!

"[T]he real action on the bill is taking place not on the Senate floor, but in [Majority Leader Harry] Reid's office, just steps away. That's where he's struggling to bring together the liberal and moderate wings of his caucus, in an effort to get the 60 votes he needs to thwart the united GOP front that will otherwise prevent the bill from winning final approval. On Sunday, Obama will address a closed meeting of Senate Democrats, presumably for a pep talk, and also to give them more guidance on just what he wants from a final health bill"

Apparently the Senator grew tired composing her newsletter, because she lumped several blatant lies all in one sentence when she said, "I support the revised Senate health care plan because it will curb rising health care costs over the long term, expand access to quality, affordable, health insurance plans to more than 400,000 uninsured Arkansans, and reduce the federal deficit by $132 billion in the next 10 years-all without a new government plan that places taxpayers at risk."

Senator Lincoln Lies About Bill's Impact on Deficit

First, the $132 billion deficit reduction is a flat-out lie that was exposed the day before Lincoln voted for passage of the Senate bill. Democrats, including our less-than-transparent Senator Lincoln utilized accounting methods that would have been the envy of Bernie Madoff and Enron to come up with their fictitious figure.

Harry Reid had to shift more than $200 billion in costs to a separate "doctor fix" bill to arrive at his contrived figures. Taking that into account instantly puts the net cost of the bill in the red, but there's even more trickery up the sleeves of Blanche Lincoln and Harry Reid. The day before the final vote, the CBO released a statement showing the devious Democrats were inappropriately double counting $300 billion to arrive at their claimed deficit reduction.

Assuming Lincoln, Reid and the rest of their Democrat colleagues didn't take any as yet undiscovered lessons from Madoff and Enron, we're looking at a $370 billion increase in the deficit over the next 10 years. Hardly the deficit neutral bill promised by Lincoln and the other dishonest Democrats.

Senator Lincoln Lies About Bill's Impact on Health Care Costs

According to the Obama Department of Health and Human Services' own Office of the Actuary (OACT), Reid's bill will increase national health expenditures over the next 10 years. The OACT reports that we can expect health care costs through 2019 will be $234 billion more than they will if Congress doesn't pass this bill. OACT states that, if this bill passes, $20.90 of every $100 will be spent on health care in 2019. If Congress does nothing, Americans are expected to $20.80 of every $100 for health care in that year.

Contrary to Lincoln's claim, health care costs will increase under the bill she voted for last week.

Senator Lincoln Lies About Government Plan

Actually Senator Lincoln claimed this bill doesn't have a "a new government plan that places taxpayers at risk." What she actually means is this isn't going to be a taxpayer funded government plan, but a plan that is owned by private industry and run by the government.

The bill calls for the government to dictate to private insurance companies what benefits they must include in their plan, who must be qualified to participate in their plan, and how much they can charge for their plan.

A government-run plan, but privately owned. How long does anyone expect that to last?

At least 64% of Arkansans don't expect it to last, and more likely expect it to turn into a single-payer government system before all is said and done. Senator Lincoln doesn't represent Arkansans, she represents big-government liberals seeking more control of our lives and freedoms.

Blanche Lincoln is perfectly willing to twist the facts and make back room deals behind closed doors to satisfy her wealthy out-of-state donors. With their money, Lincoln believes she can buy your vote. Or spend enough money to hide her allegiance to rich, out-of-state liberals.

In November, Arkansans will have the opportunity to let her know, in no uncertain terms, that we don't believe her lies.

Join our fight to elect a Senator who will represent Arkansas, not the liberal wing of the Democrat Party.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekly Republican Address

WASHINGTON, DC - Delivering the weekly Republican address, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) marked the holiday season by paying tribute to the men and women of our Armed Forces. A former Marine, Hunter served three combat tours overseas: two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. In the address, Hunter also reaffirmed Republicans’ commitment to offering better solutions focused on putting people back to work and helping families address everyday challenges. Audio of the address is available here; video of the address will be available here once the embargo is lifted today at 6:00 p.m.

Following is the text of Rep. Hunter’s address:

“I’m Congressman Duncan Hunter, and I represent the 52nd Congressional District of California, the area around San Diego.

“In this holiday season, I hope we all take time to offer thanks and prayers to the men and women of our Armed Forces. Many of these service members will spend the holidays away from home, on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan, at bases and on ships around the world.

“I understand the sacrifices they are making. Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, I quit my job and joined the Marine Corps. Prior to coming to Congress, I was deployed to warzones on three separate occasions, twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. Just last month, actually, I had an opportunity to visit with our troops in Afghanistan.

“I know we all wish everyone could be home for the holidays, but this is not a time for sadness or regret. Thoughts of home remind us of why we serve: because we’re proud to be Americans, because we want to pass on to our children the blessings of liberty that we inherited from our forefathers, and because nothing matters more to us than protecting our homes and our families. Our hope is that as a result of this determination and sacrifice, we will never again see our cities and citizens under attack.

“I hope we also take a moment this year to reflect on those suffering here at home. For too many families, this will be a difficult Christmas. One in ten Americans are unemployed. Nearly six million of our citizens have been looking for work for more than six months – the most on record.

“All year long, Republicans have offered common-sense solutions to put more money back into the pockets of hard-working families and to help small businesses create more jobs. We’ve also outlined a plan to lower health care premiums by up to 10 percent. And we have proposed an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy to create more American jobs, ease the strain on family budgets, and clean up our environment. Just as important, these solutions do not raise taxes, grow government, or add to the already skyrocketing debt burden being placed on our kids and grandkids.

“After all the promises and all the spending we’ve seen out of Washington this year, out-of-work families are right to be asking, ‘where are the jobs?’ Republicans believe our top priority when it comes to the economy should be simple: first, do no harm. So let’s resolve in the new year to end misguided efforts to create new laws that will cost even more jobs, whether it’s the “cap and trade” national energy tax, the government takeover of health care, “card check,” or even more tax increases.

“Working together, we can make the next holiday season even brighter for all Americans. Thank you, happy holidays, and God Bless America.”

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

It's time to step away from the keyboard for a few days to spend time with family and friends in celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We at America's Best Choice want to wish everyone (yes, even our political enemies) a very Merry Christmas! And we ask that everyone say a special prayer for those who can't be with their families this Christmas, because they're protecting are freedoms.

We Wish You a Merry ChristmasMary Did You Know?

O, Little Town of BethlehemSilent Night

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tell Blanche Lincoln to "Pick up the phone!"

Originally posted on America, You Asked For It!

Today or tomorrow, Arkansas Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln plans to vote again to move Harry Reid's Senate health care bill toward passage. This, in spite of the fact that 60% of her constituents oppose the bill.

With a vote looming on such important legislation, legislation that will impact every man, woman, and child in America, one would expect Senator Lincoln to want to hear her constituents' opinions on the matter. But no!

She won't even take their calls. Her office phone goes unanswered today. But just in case they're reading the emails, please click here to email the link for the video below to Senator Lincoln today. If you're from out of state, use Zip Code "72023", and city "Cabot", street address "112 S. First Street" to be sure the system let's you through. (That's the address of Democrat Representative Marion Berry's Cabot office.)

Tell Lincoln to "Pick up the phone!" by copying and pasting the following link in your message:

You can also try calling her office at 202-224-4843, but good luck getting through.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 GOP Candidates Slam Blanche Lincoln's Dead of Night Vote

After both Democrat Arkansas Senators voted for the unwanted Socialist "Obamacare" bill, it's obviously time to start thinking about the candidates running for Blanche Lincoln's seat next year.

The following is a list of links to statements made by announced candidates for Arkansas' 2010 Senate race in response to Lincoln and Pryor voting for a bill that most Arkansans have made clear they don't want. This vote was intentionally held at 1:00 AM on the Monday morning when many Americans started their Christmas vacations, so all candidates may not yet have had an opportunity to respond. We will update this list as other candidates release statements on the vote against Arkansas values.

State Senator Gilbert Baker

Baker Calls out Lincoln for her Dark-of-Night Vote for Obamacare

Conway, Ark. – “A bad bill passed in the dark of night is still bad in the light of day. Sen. Lincoln had the power to stop this health care bill that will lead to increased taxes, higher health care premiums, cuts to Medicare, and taxpayer-funded abortions, yet she chose to cast the 60th vote needed for passage. Arkansans are now seeing the light; Sen. Lincoln continues to stand with her

liberal allies, not Arkansans. I will never be a swing vote for government-run health care. I support common sense reforms that are deficit neutral and leave medical decisions in the hands of patients and their doctors.”

...Read More

Curtis Coleman

Coleman Says Lincoln Guilty of “Grievous Dereliction of Duty”

(LITTLE ROCK, AR – 21 DECEMBER 2009) In the wake of Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s midnight vote to move the Senate version of healthcare legislation to final passage later this week, conservative Republican businessman and U.S. Senate candidate Curtis Coleman accused Lincoln of “grievous dereliction of her duty”.

...Read More

Tom Cox

Washington Has Lost It's Way

Last night’s vote solidified for me why I founded the Arkansas Tea Party. These people in Washington have lost their way. They have forgotten why America is the greatest nation in the world. They forgot the principles in which our nation is grounded.

...Read More

Monday, December 21, 2009

While you slept...

Early this morning, around 1:00 AM, while most Americans lay fast asleep, the Democrat dominated US Senate voted to move forward on what has affectionately come to be known as "Obamacare." Both Arkansas Senators, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, voted for the so-called health care reform that a majority of Americans, including a majority of Arkansans, don't want!

Wheeling and dealing to get some Democrat holdouts to sell out their constituents, Harry Reid used earmarks and President Obama used threats to secure the 60 votes necessary to overcome a Republican filibuster. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) was supposedly holding out for a tougher stance against federal funding of abortion, but decided to give up on that principled position when Harry Reid (D-NV) offered him $500 million in earmarks for Nebraska.

Nelson's vote cost the American people five times as much as the $100 million it took last month to get Mary Landrieu (D-LA) to sell out the people of Louisiana. But Nelson may have demanded a bigger bribe after President Obama threatened to jeopardize national security as payback if the Nebraska Senator didn't give up his demands to save the lives of unborn babies.

Barack was apparently willing to close Offutt Air Force Base as retribution for Nelson's lack of support for the President's number one priority on his domestic agenda. Offutt contributes ~$2.4 billion to the local economy of southeast Nebraska, but more importantly serves as a key component of our nation's security. The base is home to the Air Force's 55th Wing, the largest wing in Air Combat Command and the second largest in the Air Force.

55th Wing Mission Statement

"The 55th Wing's mission statement is, "Provides dominant intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic attack, command and control and precision awareness to national leadership and warfighters across the spectrum of conflict any time, any place."
Though Arkansans are overwhelmingly opposed to the bill, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor put up no resistance. Arkansas received no special earmarks, no special treatment, no money for the votes of two Senators who are supposed to represent citizens of our state. Lincoln and Pryor didn't need to be threatened by the President, they willingly capitulated without resistance.

Two weeks ago, both Arkansas Senators were part of a dubious "compromise" created behind closed doors and without Republican input. But their constituents were denied Lincoln's promised transparency when the text of their deal was kept hidden until this weekend. There's only one reasonable explanation for not allowing the public to examine the text.

Because they knew it wouldn't stand public scrutiny!

Lincoln and Pryor no longer represent their Arkansas constituency!

Friday, December 18, 2009

RPA Executive Director: "Let's make our voices heard."

Letter from RPA Executive Director Chase Dugger:

As the Democratic healthcare scheme moves closer to a final vote, we have one question for Sen. Blanche Lincoln: how will she vote?

As you all remember, last month Blanche Lincoln was the 60th vote to advance the healthcare scheme in the U.S. Senate. She said at the time, “I, along with others, expect to have legitimate opportunities to influence the health care reform legislation that is voted on by the senate later this year.” The problem is she has been silent ever since – refusing to stand up for two-thirds of her constituents who oppose this legislation and voice their concerns.

We all know there is a price tag of nearly $1 trillion associated with the bill. Even Democrats like Arkansas governor Beebe shutter at the cost:

Gov. Mike Beebe (D-AR) Says Dems’ Bill Burdens State With $205 Million In Unfunded Mandates While Arkansas Already In Budget Crisis. “The day before the House approved a $1.2 trillion healthcare proposal, Beebe said his office had determined that it would add $205million to the state’s Medicaid budget by 2015 … he said he was definitely opposed to the price tag it would bring the state. ‘We’re running a pretty tight budget now, and I don’t know where we’d get that,’ Beebe said.”(Andrew DeMillo,” Analysis: Beebe Playing Role In Health Care Debate,” The Associated Press,11/15/09)

Time is running out. The Senate is trying to ram this bill down our throats on Christmas Eve and I’m asking for your help.

Let’s make our voices heard. Everyone who receives this email should call Blanche Lincoln’s office at (202) 224-4843. Our goal is to make sure Blanche Lincoln listens to Arkansans and there is no better way than launching a massive call into her office.

In addition, email her office by clicking here and copy me at at the state party and ask her to vote no on the healthcare scheme.

A massive grassroots effort is underway and we need your help.

Thank you for all you do.

Chase Dugger

RPA Executive Director

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

RPA Chairman Call to Action

Letter from Doyle Webb, Chairman, Republican Party of Arkansas


As the debate over President Obama’s healthcare scheme rages on, I’m asking for your help.

Blanche Lincoln will be a deciding vote on whether our country is saddled with another trillion dollars of debt and we need to make our voices heard.

Media reports indicate Sen. Ben Nelson (NE) is the only undecided vote. The thing is Blanche Lincoln has been silent on how she’s going to vote. Don’t you think as a fellow Arkansan you deserve to know how your elected officials are going to vote?

Call Blanche Lincoln today and tell her to vote no on the healthcare scheme and ask her office how she intends to vote.

Don’t delay! Harry Reid and the Democrat leadership want to ram this bill down our throats before Christmas. Call Senator Lincoln today.


Doyle Webb

Arkansas Republican Party Chairman

Contact Senator Lincolns Offices:

Washington D.C. Office
Phone: (202)224-4843

Little Rock Office
: (501) 375-2993

Dumas Office
Phone: (870)382-1023

Jonesboro Office
Phone: (870) 910-6896

Fayetteville Office
Phone: (479) 251-1224

Texarkana Office
Phone: (870) 774-3106

Thursday: Business Forums on Health Care Reform

Americans for Prosperity is paying close attention to the health care reform debate in Washington. What do these bills mean for business and what impact will they have on our economy?

The group is holding important strategy sessions on Thursday, December 17. Bring your questions, as they will have policy experts to wade through the details with you. Their guest speaker is Dr. Erick Novack of Phoenix , Arizona. Dr. Novack is an orthopedic surgeon, who has testified before Congress this year on the health care reform bill.

Once again, Senator Blanche Lincoln will be a deciding vote on this issue, making YOUR participation critical Please take the time to forward this invitation to your business contacts as well. Please RSVP to


Join AFP for a free breakfast

When:7:30 a.m Thursday, December 17
Where:Nabholz Construction Co. Conference Room
612 Garland Street
Hosted by:Nabholz Construction Company
Americans for Prosperity Arkansas
Campaign for Responsible Health Care Reform
Association of Builders and Contractors

Little Rock

Join AFP for a free luncheon

When:11:30 a.m. Thursday, December 17
Where:Wyndham Hotel
2 Riverfront Place
North Little Rock
Hosted by:Nabholz Construction Company
Americans for Prosperity Arkansas
Campaign for Responsible Health Care Reform
Association of Builders and Contractors

Fort Smith

Join AFP for a free dinner

When:4:00 p.m. Thursday, December 17
Where:Holiday Inn
700 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith
Hosted by:Crossland Construction Company
Americans for Prosperity Arkansas
Arkansas Progressive Group
Campaign for Responsible Health Care Reform
Association of Builders and Contractors

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quorum Court Meeting Thursday--12/17



Date:DECEMBER 17, 2009
Time:6:30 P.M.

    • None
    • Health Department – Grant for 01-2500-45
    • An Ordinance to Establish the Annual Operating Budget for 2010
    • Jail Committee / Judge – Update
    • Highway Project / Judge Troutman

Marion Berry: "We've got to elect Barack Obama"

Does Marion Berry really represent Arkansas' 1st Congressional District?

He calls himself a Blue Dog (supposedly conservative) Democrat, but votes with ultra-liberal San Francisco House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time. He voted with Barack Obama to bailout Wall Street fat cats and with Obama on his budget-busting, $787 billion "porkulus" package and with the President on his proposed government-run health care!

That doesn't really sound much like a conservative Democrat who represents Arkansas' 1st District. After all, 61% of voters in the 1st District didn't want Barack Hussein Obama's "Hope and Change." Even so, last year Berry told Arkansas' delegation to the Democratic National Convention "We must elect Barack Obama!

Even though the 1st District disagreed, Berry helped get Obama elected. And now we see the results of electing a community organizer with no executive experience, and a history of mingling with far left extremists.

Berry and his President have given us 10% unemployment, a $1.4 trillion deficit, and a national debt that hit $12 trillion and continues to climb. Congress is right now considering raising the debt ceiling to $14 trillion! That's $14 trillion to enslave your children and grandchildren for years to come.

2010 is the year to vote Berry out and get someone who will represent the 1st District.

If you agree, join the Boot Berry Roll Call and help spread the truth about Marion Berry to Arkansas' 1st District voters!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekly Republican Address

This week, Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) explains how the Obama administration's concessions at the Copenhagen climate change (formerly known as Global Warming) conference will wreak havoc on the American economy.

If you have a slow internet connection and would prefer to read Rep. Blackburn's address, the text follows:

“Hi, I’m Congressman Marsha Blackburn, and I have the great honor of representing ennessee’s Seventh District.

“Next week, I and a number of my Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives will head to Copenhagen – Denmark’s capital city – where diplomats and politicians from around the world have gathered in an attempt to try to reach an international, UN-brokered agreement on climate change.

“If President Obama has his way, the Copenhagen conference will produce mandatory emissions limits that would destroy millions of American jobs and damage our economic competitiveness for decades to come.

“To comply with this UN-brokered agreement, Washington Democrats want to impose a ‘cap-and-trade’ national energy tax, a bureaucratic nightmare that would make households, small businesses and family farms pay higher prices for electricity, gasoline, food and virtually every product made in America. This legislation is currently making its way through the Senate after passing the House of Representatives in June.

“President Obama himself has said that as a result of this national energy tax, electricity prices would, and I quote, ‘necessarily skyrocket.’ His own Department of Energy has determined that millions of jobs would be lost.

“Since Democrats in Congress have failed to get a cap and trade bill to the President’s desk ahead of the Copenhagen Summit, President Obama took unilateral action this week to pile more regulation on the backs of families and small businesses in the name of combating global warming. On Monday the President’s EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, took the first step toward imposing costly new regulations on businesses for emitting carbon. My bill, H.R. 391 would stop the EPA.

“Just think of what will happen to small businesses and manufacturers hit with these skyrocketing energy bills, especially when nations like India and China don’t agree to these mandatory emissions limits. With Americans already facing double-digit unemployment, there could not be a worse time to unilaterally disarm our engines of job creation and economic growth.

“In fact, small businesses are already feeling anxiety and holding off on hiring due to the prospect of this national energy tax, a government takeover of health care, and other costly policies Democrats have in the works. These aren’t issues President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats in Congress will talk about when they are in Copenhagen, but Republicans will.

“Also absent from the discussion in Copenhagen is the Climategate scandal. Recently leaked e-mails reveal climate scientists have a long track record of manipulating data to hide scientific evidence that contradicts the global warming establishment. And why? To bully citizens and lawmakers into supporting job-killing energy tax schemes. This scandal raises serious questions about Democrats’ climate control plans, questions that deserve a transparent investigation – not a rush to judgment – by the bureaucrats in Copenhagen.

“Republicans are all for clean water, clean air, and clean energy. We just don't think we have to tax people out of house and home to get there. That’s why we have proposed an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy that says, let’s put every clean, responsible energy option on the table so we can create jobs, ease the strain on family budgets, and clean up our environment.

“This is one of a series of common-sense solutions Republicans have proposed to empower families and small businesses while Democrats have continued to rely on more spending, more regulation, and more government to try and solve every problem.

“Nothing sums this up more than the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ of borrowing and spending that has failed to create jobs ‘immediately’ and keeps unemployment below eight percent as promised. Instead, more than three million Americans have lost their jobs and unemployment has risen to double-digits.

“Given the opportunity to try a new approach, President Obama has instead proposed more of the same ‘stimulus’ spending paid for by borrowing from our children and grandchildren.

“It’s time for Washington to learn the hard lesson that families already know: growing debt only cripples freedom and spending more money than you have is no plan for prosperity. Only Republicans have provided a fiscally responsible blueprint for helping families and small businesses weather this economic crisis and get back up on their feet.

“Thank you for listening.”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Desperate Democrat Sinks to New Low

Letter from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

With a shocking speech on the U.S. Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid showed just how desperate and divorced from reality the Democrats have become in their unrelenting quest to impose socialism on America's health care.

In bemoaning Republican senators' opposition to the unprecedented Obama Democrat scheme to seize a fifth of our economy, impose hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes and trillions in new debt on our nation, and put Washington bureaucrats between Americans and their doctors, Reid has gone way too far, and I quote:

"Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all the Republicans can come up with is, 'slow down, stop everything, let's start over.' If you think you've heard these same excuses before, you're right. When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said 'slow down, it's too early, things aren't bad enough.'"

"When women spoke up for the right to speak up, they wanted to vote, some insisted they simply, slow down, there will be a better day to do that, today isn't quite right."

"When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today."

If Harry Reid cared more about real health care reform needs -- like ending his trial lawyer allies' massive fraudulent litigation costs -- than forcing his party's socialist pipe dream upon an unwilling American people, he might be tempted to apologize for his shameless, and false, accusations.

Don't hold your breath.

I'm not surprised that Harry Reid has resorted to such a laughably desperate attack on our Republican senators and the truth.

The Obama Democrats will go to any length to attain their leftist goal of controlling every facet of American life. He knows that the American people don't want to surrender their health care freedoms to Big Government.

Republican senators are on the side of the American people, who adamantly oppose the Obama Democrats' health care takeover -- and with your help, history will prove it.

You and the RNC are all that stand between our sensible Republican plan for real health care reform and the Democrats' scheme to take more of your hard-earned income to pay for two new unsustainable entitlements while making the quality of your health care worse.

You can let Harry Reid know what you think of his poor understanding of history -- and his socialist health care takeover -- by sending him a personalized e-postcard here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rally: Don't Let the Feds Bankrupt Our State!

By now it's certain you've heard about the near trillion dollar health care bill being debated in the Senate. But you may not have heard that Governor Beebe believes the bill will also bust our state budget wide open--to the tune of $205 million!!!

In an effort to educate the public about this under-reported concern by the highest ranking elected Democrat in the state of Arkansas, Tea Parties across the state have banned together and teamed up with Americans for Prosperity to sponsor the 12-12 @ 12:00 rally this Saturday at 12:00 noon.

The focus for Saturday will be to call Arkansas' elected officials' attention to this budget busting bill so they will stand against it and assert Arkansans' interests in this matter.

Nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin will be the keynote speaker, but numerous Arkansas legislators and several Republican candidates for US Senate will be addressing the crowd as well. Several candidates for US Congress will also be present and available to answer questions. This will be an event you won't want to miss if you hope to stop this Obamacare atrocity!

And if you're worried about the weather, don't be. The event will be held inside at the Little Rock Doubletree Hotel Ballroom. It's scheduled to last for an hour and a half. The first 1000 to arrive will be admitted to hear the speakers.

WhereLittle Rock Doubletree Hotel
When12:00-1:30 pm
Saturday, December 12, 2009


Todd Sharp
Dr. Carlos Ramon
Jeannie Burlsworth, Chairman of Secure Arkansas
Teresa Oelke, Representative for Americans for Prosperity
Michelle Malkin
State Senator Gilbert Baker
State Senator Kim Hendren
State Representative Mark Martin
State Representative Ed Garner
State Representative Dan Greenburg
State Representative Allen Kerr
Tachaney Evans, Independent Candidate for State Senate, District 4
Curtis Coleman
Col. Conrad Reynolds
Tom Cox
Fred Ramey
Buddy Rodgers
Trevor Drown, Independent

Sunday, December 6, 2009

RPA Straw Poll Results

Prior to this year, most folks would never have guessed there were so many Republicans in Arkansas. The Republican Party of Arkansas' Winter Leadership Summit was held Saturday at the Arlington Hotel Ball Room in Hot Springs. With the capacity to seat 800, it was a standing room only crowd.

The main event was certainly the Straw Poll for the seven announced candidates who hope to defeat incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln in 2010. Each of the seven candidates were given approximately seven and a half minutes to address the crowd and then attendees were allowed to vote for their choice to represent the Republican Party in next year's general election.

RPA Chairman Doyle Webb addressed attendees prior to the candidates' speeches and encouraged them to agree on a common goal of defeating Lincoln next year. And while a GOP candidate wouldn't be chosen until the primary next May, Webb hoped everyone would seek to choose the candidate most capable of accomplishing that mission in November 2010. He reminded the crowd, "Any Republican will be a better Senator than one who calls her fellow citizens un-American for expressing their constitutional rights."

All seven announced 2010 candidates for Lincoln's seat participated and their speeches can be heard in the videos below. The top three finishers in the straw poll were:

  1. State Senator Gilbert Baker with 35% of the vote.
  2. Curtis Coleman with 33% of the vote.
  3. Colonel Conrad Reynolds with 23% of the vote.

Please vote in the poll below for your favorite of the candidates.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tonight's Coleman Fundraiser in Cabot Canceled

Curtis Coleman has canceled tonight's scheduled fundraiser in Cabot at Crossroads Cafe. His campaign issued the following statement and promised to reschedule at a later date.

We regret to inform you that the meet-and-greet fundraiser for Curtis Coleman tonight at the Crossroads Cafe in Cabot has been rescheduled to a future date to be determined. There was a misunderstanding with the venue, but the rescheduled event will be at the same location.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is to you, and hope that you'll continue with us in our fight to unseat Blanche Lincoln next year.

The campaign has scheduled a fundraiser in Little Rock at Larry's Pizza tomorrow night from 6:00-8:00 pm. Tickets are $25 per person and more information can be found here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coleman for Senate Fundraiser in Cabot

*This post does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate by LCRC. The Committee will be happy to announce events for ANY Republican candidate on this blog in an effort to keep the electorate informed.

On Monday, November 30, Republican US Senate candidate Curtis Coleman will hold a fundraiser in Cabot. Tickets are $25 per person.

Event:Lonoke County Arkansas Coleman for Senate Dinner
Start Time:Monday, November 30 at 6:00pm
End Time:Monday, November 30 at 8:00pm
Where:Crossroads Cafe
3472 Hwy 89 South
Cabot, AR 72023

Curtis Coleman is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (who just voted to move forward with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's version of a government takeover of the US health care system) in 2010.

Download an invitation

Monday, November 23, 2009

RPA Winter Republican Leadership Summit

The Republican Party of Arkansas has announced its Winter Republican Leadership Summit will be held December 5th at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. The all day events will include the state committee meeting and grassroots training sessions, but the main event is likely to be the Iowa-style Straw Poll for the Party's candidates to replace US Senator Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

Tickets to the event are $15 per person, but will only be sold in blocks of 10. Anyone can purchase a ticket to attend the events at the summit, but only guests with a current Arkansas driver’s license, a current Arkansas College/University ID, or a current voter registration card, and must be at least 18 years old by November 3rd 2010 will be allowed to vote in the straw poll.

Curtis Coleman is actively seeking your vote in the Straw Poll via Facebook. If you can be a delegate or a delegate captain for Coleman, he asks that you please contact Brandon Scaife at BRANDON.SCAIFE@CURTISCOLEMAN.COM as soon as possible.

Arkansas State Senator Gilbert Baker posted a request for support in the Straw Poll on his Facebook wall and Fred Ramey informed us via Facebook he will also be participating.

Colonel Conrad Reynolds is encouraging his Republican supporters to turn out also. “I look forward to seeing all Republican Senate candidates in Hot Springs and the opportunity to speak to thousands of Arkansans about how we can restore our voice in Washington,” said Reynolds in a September 29 press release.

State Senator Kim Hendren is looking forward to the straw poll as well. "I would like to join the other candidates in asking for folks' to turn out and cast their vote. It should be a good learning experience for all of us," he said in response to our query via his website.

Buddy Rogers told us, "I am participating in the December 5 straw poll to be held in Hot Springs. I encourage my supporters to attend. I will not be buying more than the required number of tickets the event because I can better judge my actual support relying on those supporters who are willing to buy their own tickets from their county committees rather than manufacturing 'support' by buying it. Although I don't expect to win the straw poll, a strong showing will be immensely encouraging."

When asked if he'll be participating, founder of Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. Tom Cox said "Yes. We're looking forward to it." Cox also announced he'll be happy to provide tickets for his supporters who contact his campaign and request them.

With a crowded field of 7 announced Republican candidates already in the race, this a great opportunity to get a feel for where each stands and make your voice heard on who will be the Republican nominee to face Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

Since tickets will only be sold in blocks of 10, please complete the form below if you're interested in attending. We'll contact you to collect for your tickets once we have a group of 10 who desire to attend. We'll then make arrangements to collect payment for your tickets, we'll purchase the tickets, then get them delivered to you. Since tickets are only sold in blocks of 10, we'll need to collect payment in advance and assign groups on a first come, first served basis.

LCRC has not endorsed a candidate in the 2010 race for US Senate and purchasing your ticket through LCRC in no way obligates you to vote for a particular candidate, or in a bloc with others in your group. We are providing this service as a means to make it easier for you to participate in the conference and straw poll, not to solicit support for any particular candidate.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Senate Votes for Gov't-Run Health Care Today!

Today is the day everyone!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has scheduled a vote tonight at 8:00 pm EST on cloture for his version of Obamacare--a government-run health care system in America. Released late Thursday, only 2 days ago, he's already demanding a vote that will ultimately determine whether this bill passes and we're stuck with professional bureaucrats deciding who gets what medical care and when!

Less than 72 hours for Republican Senators and the American public to scour the 2,074 pages in an effort to discover just what chains Senate Democrats seek to bind us with!

With 60 votes tonight, debate on the bill will be limited to 30 more hours and our hope for a successful filibuster will be avoided. This little trick will also enable Senators like Lincoln and Pryor an opportunity to vote for the bill now and against the bill's passage when 60 votes are no longer needed.

They're betting that ordinary folks don't understand the process and they'll be rewarded for voting against the bill's final passage, after they created that loophole for themselves. Pryor and Lincoln believe we're illiterate idiots who will robotically pull the lever for the incumbent when they're up for reelection!

Please call Senator Lincoln and Pryor today and tell them we know what they're up to--AND WE'RE NOT FOOLED!

Let them know a vote for cloture today will guarantee they're ouster when they're up for reelection...2010 for Lincoln, and 2014 for Pryor.

Please don't sit back and assume everyone else will stop this. Grab your phone, get to your keyboard, and let Lincoln and Pryor know they work for us!

Lincoln, Blanche L. - (D - AR) Class III
(202) 224-4843
Web Form:

Pryor, Mark L. - (D - AR) Class II
(202) 224-2353
Web Form:

Please let them know YOU will work to replace them if they vote FOR cloture today!

Here's a sample email you can copy and paste into the Senators' web forms:

Senator Lincoln,

I know (and am informing everyone else I know) that if you vote for cloture tonight, you're giving yourself political cover to vote against this bill when it comes up for final passage.

These types of shenanigans and shell games will no longer work on the American people. We have awakened, we are educating ourselves, and we are beginning to understand how the game in DC is played.

Therefore, if you vote with Reid tonight, I will devote every ounce of available energy to your defeat in 2010.

Please vote with the people of Arkansas tonight, and against Reid's 2,074 page bill.


[Your Name Here]

Senator Pryor,

I know (and am informing everyone else I know) that if you vote for cloture tonight, you're giving yourself political cover to vote against this bill when it comes up for final passage.

These types of shenanigans and shell games will no longer work on the American people. We have awakened, we are educating ourselves, and we are beginning to understand how the game in DC is played.

Therefore, if you vote with Reid tonight, I will devote every ounce of available energy to your defeat in 2014.

Please vote with the people of Arkansas tonight, and against Reid's 2,074 page bill.


[Your Name Here]

Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care Protest atSenator Lincoln's Office Tonight!

Tonight the Pulaski County Tea Party will be holding a candlelight vigil outside Senator Lincoln's office in Little Rock.

Time: November 20, 2009 from 6pm to 7:30pm
Location: Senator Lincoln's Little Rock office
Organized By: Pulaski County Tea Party
Event Description:
The Pulaski County Tea Party is holding a candlelight vigil on Friday, November 20th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at Senator Lincoln's office in Little Rock. Please join us in sending Senator Lincoln a message to vote "no" in the upcoming healthcare vote on Saturday. Arkansas has the power to kill the healthcare reform bill in the Senate if Senator Lincoln follows the will of the people. Candles and hot cocoa will be provided. Senator Lincoln's office is at 912 West Fourth Street in Little Rock.

The Senate plans to vote on this monumental government takeover of the health care system on Saturday, hoping to catch the American people off guard as the US House did when it voted on its companion bill, HR 3962.

Please make plans to ensure Senator Lincoln knows you oppose this legislation tonight!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dick Morris to Speak Against Obamacare in Arkansas

Our friends and allies need our help. And we need theirs. This week we have a golden opportunity to join forces with conservatives across Arkansas in standing against the Democrats' intended takeover of our health care system.

Throughout the spring and summer we've seen conservative Americans stand up and stand against the status quo. The Tea Parties and town hall meetings have worked to turn back the tide of radical policy changes pushed through Congress by our Democratic opponents in the wake of last years' elections.

These protests disproved President Obama's hypothesis that his victory, and the accompanying takeover of the US Congress by his party, embodied a mandate for the Socialization of the American economy. Following each unpopular action by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi axis, the crowds increased and their voices grew louder.

Still the Democrats charge ahead with their anti-American agenda.

Last week the US House, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi manning the reins, passed the gargantuan 1,990 page, latest House version of Obamacare--the Democrats' plan for a government takeover of the US health care system. Complete with hundreds of billions in cuts to medicare and hundreds of billions in new taxes, this new bill promises to make the finest health care system in the world less efficient and more expensive for the vast majority of Americans who already have health insurance.

Still, knowing the American people don't want government in charge of the health care system, Democrats in Congress continue to press ahead.

Fortunately, our friends with the Arkansas Tea Party have teamed up with Americans for Prosperity's "Hands of Our Healthcare" bus tour to bring Dick Morris to Little Rock to help build support to stop this unparalleled seizure of private citizens' rights by our government. For those who don't know, Morris is a former adviser to President Bill Clinton who has remained steadfast in his opposition to Obama's plans for Socializing our health care system.

Here is Morris' schedule for stops in Arkansas on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 19-21.

Thursday, November 19th
*12:00 noon, Little Rock, State Capitol, 1 Capitol Avenue
Speakers: Dick Morris, Jim Martin Pres. Of 60 Plus Assoc.
Dr. Kathy Chenault, Teresa Oelke

*2:00 -3:00pm Conway, Simon Park, Front Street, Downtown Conway
Speakers: Dick Morris, Jim Martin Pres. Of 60 Plus Assoc. ,Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke

*4:30 -5:30pm Hot Springs Village, Balboa Pavilion, 480 Ponce De Leon Dr
Speakers: Dick Morris, Jim Martin Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc., Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke
Friday, November 20th
*8:30am Heber Springs, (Cleburne County) Stone Courthouse Square, 107 W. Main
Speakers: Jim Martin, Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc., Dr. Kathy Chenault, Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke

*10:30am Batesville, Riverside Park, 1850 Chaney Dr
Speakers: Jim Martin, Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc., Dr. Kathy Chenault, Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke

*1:30pm Stone Co, Boone County Court House, 100 N. Main
Speakers: Jim Martin, Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc., Dr. Kathy Chenault, Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke

*4:30pm Harrison, Boone County Courthouse, 100 N. Main Street
Speakers: Jim Martin, Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc., Dr. Kathy Chenault, Shawn Danko, Teresa Oelke
Saturday, November 21st
* 10:00am Rogers
Office Building west of Embassy Suites in Rogers, , 3333 Pinnacle Hills Park,
Speakers: Mayor Steve Womack, Jim Martin, Pres. of 60 Plus Assoc Teresa Oelke

Please take this opportunity to support our allies in this key fight for our conservative principles and join us at one or more of these rallies against Obamacare.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you... all those who've worn the uniform of the US military services!

Today is veterans day. And although we should be thankful every day for those who serve so that we may be free, this is the day set aside to make certain ALL veterans--those who served four years or thirty plus, those who served in times of peace or times of war, those who came home and those we lost, all those who served in every branch--know they're appreciated and their sacrifice isn't forgotten.

Their reasons for serving are as varied as their backgrounds. They come from every corner of the country--from Los Angeles to New York, from Seattle to Miami, and from all points in between. From all walks of life, they step up to serve--sons and daughters of the poor, the rich, and every step in between. Many come from a long line of veterans and others are the first in their family to answer the call. Some join to get away from something, others join to be a part of something. They are sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers who leave behind everything they know to serve with complete strangers for the benefit of every citizen of these United States of America.

So I ask you this day to thank God for everything you have--your possessions, your family, and your freedom.

Then thank a veteran.

LCRC would like to say a hearty thank you to all veterans! May God bless you and keep you where ever you are.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flip Flop Blanche Lincoln

Hat Tip: ARRA News Service

Call and email Blanche Lincoln to tell her she represents us. Not the Democratic Party bosses in Washington, DC!

Contact Senator Lincoln and tell her Arkansans don't want Obamacare!

Email Senator Lincoln

Washington, DC
Phone: 202-224-4843

Little Rock, AR
Phone: 501-375-2993

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where is Marion Berry?

from Boot Berry!

And why is his office not taking calls from concerned constituents today?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has scheduled a vote for 6:00 pm EST today! Not just any vote, but a vote on her 1,990 page "Government Takeover of the US Health Care System" bill, HR 3962. That's right. The bill that...
  • Permits federal taxpayer funding of abortion services, above and beyond the status quo of current law.
  • Provides for a "health care czar" called the Health Choices Commissioner, who could forcibly enroll individuals in government-run insurance and whose tasks include requiring random compliance audits on Americans' health benefits plans.
  • Allows for "community organizations" like ACORN and Planned Parenthood to assist the Health Choices Commissioner in enrolling individuals in the Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Encourages identity fraud for illegal immigrants seeking to gain taxpayer-subsidized health benefits through inadequate citizenship and legal status verification standards. Page 255, Section 345 of H.R. 3962 includes language requiring verification of income for individuals wishing to receive federal health care subsidies, and while the bill currently does include a requirement for applicants to verify their citizenship, it does not include a similar requirement to verify that person's identity, a key component of effective verification.
  • Provides for 13 new and different tax increases, including an employer mandate excise tax.
  • "Grandfathers" out of existence individual health insurance coverage.
  • Retains the "death panels" by providing for bureaucrats working for a new comparative effectiveness institute funded by a tax on health benefits. The institute could publish the protocols needed to deny patients access to life-saving treatments on cost grounds.
  • Contains NO ban on federal promotion of assisted suicide and/or health care rationing of treatments.
  • Facilitates leftist, social engineering policies such as rewriting current tax law to allow domestic partners to be treated as "spouses."
  • Retains both the individual and employer mandates to purchase health insurance or else face a financial penalty, and compliance to this mandate will be enforced by the IRS.
  • Imposes a 2.5% tax on an individual's modified adjusted gross income if they fail to purchase "acceptable" health care coverage.
  • Imposes a surtax, starting in 2011, on "high"-income people - that is, couples with adjusted gross income over $1 million and individuals over $500,000.
  • Fails to hold Members of Congress to the same health care system requirements that Americans will have to live by under the public health insurance option.
  • Prohibits states from using tort reform to reduce health care costs.
  • Mandates that all health insurance companies accept all applicants, that they cannot deny anyone for pre-existing conditions, and that they cannot increase the monthly premiums for less healthy, more costly consumers.
  • Accommodates "whistleblower" provisions for trial lawyers to bring suit against employers.
  • Slashes Medicare payments to providers by more than $400 billion.
  • Creates dozens of new bureaucracies (111 to be exact) including the Health Benefits Advisory Committee and the Health Choices Administration.
  • Encourages people to drop their insurance in favor of the public option as it provides for underpaying medical providers, who will in turn jack up their rates for those patients who have private insurance, driving more people to the cheaper, government plan.
  • Authorizes Medicare to pay doctors for providing advice to patients on end-of-life care.
  • Grants the authority to negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Considers individuals to be treated as "children" up to the age of 26 for the purpose of remaining on their parents' insurance plan.
  • Imposes an excise tax on medical devices.
  • Cuts $170 billion from the Medicare Advantage program.
  • Institutes $729.5 billion in job-killing tax increases on all Americans, fines those who can't afford to purchase government-forced insurance, and cripples businesses by taxing health benefits.

And calls to Marion Berry's DC office [(202) 225-4076] are routed to a full voice mail box! His Jonesboro phone [(870) 972-4600]is answered by a machine that not only explains they're closed, but that they're gone for a 3 day weekend to celebrate Columbus Day! The number [(501) 843-3043] for his Cabot office is also off for a 3 day weekend! The message on his Mountain Home office phone [(870) 425-3510] informs callers it will be closed from November 9 until November 18.

Not one person is available to hear from you, me, us, or any one of his constituents concerned with his position on a bill that will not only affect us all, but our descendants for generations as well. And he's not available. His taxpayer funded staff is off for a 3 day weekend!

Is he there? Will he vote yea, nay, or present? Who knows?

You can still email him, but who knows if he'll listen. We get nothing more than a canned response to every question we've asked over the past several months.

Is this what you expect of your Representative? If not, if you expect your Representative to make himself available and to be more responsive to constituent concerns, then help us Boot Berry next year!

In the meantime, let him know how you feel when he and his staff decide to pick up the phones.

Washington, DC Office--(202) 225-4076

Jonesboro, AR Office--(870) 972-4600

Cabot, AR Office--(501) 843-3043

Mountain Home, AR Office--(870) 425-3510

Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Care Town Halls with John Stossel

Thursday, October 29 will be an extraordinary opportunity for conservative Arkansans to voice their concerns over the monstrosity of a health care bill being constructed by Democrats in Washington behind closed doors. Americans for Prosperity is bringing John Stossel to Arkansas to conduct three town hall meetings on President Obama's government takeover of our health care system.

Stossel was, until recently, a lonely conservative voice on ABC where he co-anchored the popular news show 20-20. Last month, the conservative correspondent decided to leave the biased network to join Fox News.

On Thursday, Stossel will put in a full day as he travels across Arkansas from the southwest corner to the northeast. The events begin at 7:00 am in Texarkana and end with a 5:00 pm town hall in Jonesboro.

With conservatives being completely excluded from the writing of this bill that is now said to include the increasingly unpopular "public option" and our own representatives sending mixed signals on where they stand, a strong show of conservative angst is critical at this juncture.

Here's the schedule for Thursday. Please do everything you can to attend at least one of these events to help us get the message out.

October 29 – 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.
Texarkana Fair Grounds
Fine Arts Building
3700 E. 50th Street
Texarkana, AR

October 29 – 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Statehouse Convention Center
Lower Level
7 Statehouse Plaza
Near Intersection of Main & Markham)
Little Rock, AR

October 29 – 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Health Care Forum
Statehouse Convention Center
Hilton Garden Inn, Ballroom
2840 South Caraway
Jonesboro, AR

Register here to attend one or more of these town hall meetings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LCRC October Meeting Report

LCRC held its September meeting on Monday, October 12. Though the weather didn't really encourage folks to leave the house, we still had a pretty good turnout.

Recent events make the importance of our mission even more obvious as congressional Democrats demonstrate they're perfectly willing to run roughshod over the Constitution to ram President Obama's agenda down our throats. Ignoring the will of the people evidenced by the success of the Tea Parties and 912 movements, Senate Democrats (including our own Blanche Lincoln) passed the latest version of the President's government takeover of the nation's health care system.

Now is the time to get involved, and help turn the tide of Socialism pushed by Democrats in DC!

As the 2010 elections approach, our committee is drawing a lot of Republican candidates as speakers so these meetings are a great way to get to know those running for office next year. Over the past several months we've heard from candidates for local, state, and federal office. This month Mark Darr and Colonel Conrad Reynolds addressed our group. Darr is running for Lieutenant Governor next year and Col. Reynolds is vying for the US Senate seat currently held by Lincoln.

Darr is a graduate of Mansfield High School and Ouachita Baptist University. He currently owns his own business, operating Larry's Pizza franchises. He owned his own insurance agency before entering the restaurant business and believes his experience as a business owner provides an excellent background to be a great Lieutenant Governor. Darr and his wife currently reside in Springdale where she is an elementary school teacher.

In his address to the Committee, Darr explained that he chose to run for office because he's "enjoying life, but not enjoying the status quo." He believes Arkansas currently creates an environment that's not business friendly, costing Arkansans jobs and opportunities. With Democrats holding every statewide elected office, he believes we need people in these positions to stand against DC Democrats' efforts to make it even harder for small business owners to create jobs. As it stands now, Arkansas state government is little more than a rubber stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.

Darr opposes the Arkansas Lottery and considers it a tax on the poor. He believes our state and country need more business owners and veterans running for office and fewer professional politicians. If elected, he plans to push for the creation of a website that tracks where every dollar from the state treasury is spent in an effort to guarantee accountability and responsibility in state government.

Colonel Reynolds graduated from Batesville High School in 1978, but it was the last in a long line of schools he attended in his educational career. His father was an Arkansas State Policeman so the family moved around the state quite a bit during the Colonel's childhood. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas.

His service to the country began when he enlisted in the Army Reserves while still a college student at UCA. He was compelled to enlist by the Iran Hostage Crisis and a feeling that he "had to do something." After receiving his Bachelor's of Science degree from UCA in 1982, he received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant on active duty. He devoted the next 26 years of his life to the United States Army, working the vast majority of that time in the intelligence field and retiring last January.

Reynolds believes his experience as an intelligence officer in the Army will serve him and Arkansas well in the United States Senate. He pointed out that only 23% of the current members of the US Congress have any military experience, let alone 26 years as an intelligence officer. The leadership and managerial skills developed under difficult circumstances, and often in very fragile situations, provide him an insight that's increasingly scarce in the halls of Congress.

Colonel Reynolds recognizes his military career also provides him with a unique tie to Arkansas veterans. He understands the difficulties faced by today's active duty soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen, those faced by deploying reserve and National Guard troops, and veterans who've separated from the service. Reynolds hopes these ties will motivate Arkansas' 270,000 veterans to support his bid for the US Senate, and believes their support will propel him to victory in the Republican primary.

Reynolds claims another strength that none of the other contenders have is his lack of political ties. He stated "not one dime" he's collected for his campaign has come from a political action committee. "I don't owe anything [political favors] to anybody," he said. He believes this isn't the time for more professional politicians in the US Senate.

He also makes the case that he has no skeletons hiding in his closet, nothing for Lincoln to exploit in the general election next year. Reynolds still holds a Top Secret security clearance and his last polygraph was administered by the CIA. In other words, he has no "soft spots" for Democrats to attack. This is a strength rarely ever enjoyed by a prospective politician, and one that may help him greatly in this campaign.

You can visit the websites of Mark Darr and Colonel Conrad Reynolds to learn more about them and their plans to serve our state and country.

Join us next month on November 9 at Grandpa's BBQ in Cabot and help Lonoke County be instrumental in taking our country back in 2010!

*As always, the Lonoke County Republican Committee doesn't endorse any candidate until after the Arkansas Republican primary election. This report is offered only for informational purposes and should not be considered an endorsement for any candidate.