Sunday, March 28, 2010

Central Arkansas, are you ready to TEA Party?

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since conservative Americans started standing up to the liberal Socialists selling our country into the bonds of a collectivist slavery. But April 15 will be the anniversary of our first Tax Day TEA Party!

To build momentum and support for the upcoming anniversary Tax Day TEA Party, Tea Party Express III has embarked on its "Just Vote Them Out!" tour. Yesterday, thousands (we've seen estimates from 10-20,000) of disenchanted voters descended on the tiny town of Searchlight, NV to kick off the tour in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hometown.

The map above shows all the stops along the way, from yesterday's in Searchlight to the final stop on April 15 in Washington, DC. The tour will stop in Little Rock on Saturday, April 3 at 10 AM. We need everyone who can make it to turn out and help us send a message that our elected representatives still don't seem to get.

We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Let your friends who don't live in our area know about the tour also. They can check the times and dates of the stops nearest them by clicking here:

We hope you'll be in Little Rock to show your support Tea Party Express III's "Just Vote Them Out!" tour!

As important as this rally is, remember it's also serving to get the protest juices flowing once again in conservative activists for the upcoming nationwide demonstrations on April 15. If you can't make it on the 3rd, please make plans to attend our anniversary Tax Day TEA Party on the 15th at the steps of the state Capitol from 5 to 7 PM.

Our goal is to make this our largest demonstration yet. Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser turned conservative author and commentator, will be the keynote speaker at this event. This year, there will be no politicians speaking at the event. Our goal is to make them hear our voices at this event!

An interesting twist at the rally this year (and another great reason to attend) will be a straw poll conducted by Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. and Secure Arkansas. Though details are still being hammered out, we're told the poll will include the US Senate race and others. Everyone who votes in the straw poll will be required to dip a finger in a bottle of indelible ink to ensure each person may vote only once.

The mark is intended to remind voters of the first free Iraqi elections after dictator Saddam Hussein was deposed. Though Al Qaeda terrorists threatened to target any who participated in those elections, free Iraqis voted and left the polling places brandishing their ink stained fingers in front of cameras that broadcast the images around the globe. The images of a people finally free and able to have a voice in their government were powerful, and similar images of Tea Party protesters defying a government Hell-bent on trampling our freedoms will hopefully send a message to our elected officials just how serious we are about stopping this train to Socialism.

Even if attendance at the rally is the same as last year, this will be the largest straw poll taken in the state. But we're hoping for a larger crowd this year. In either case, this straw poll will send a clear message to the political establishment and to the media that the Tea Party movement is a force to be reckoned with.

Please join us on April 3 and April 15 to make your voice heard.

It's up to us to let the politicians in Little Rock and DC know we won't lie down and let them destroy our country!

PS: Here's a little video from last year's Tax Day TEA Party to get you in the mood! Enjoy.

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Now they passed it, and we still hate it

from America, You Asked For It!

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid branch of the Chicago mob now operating in Washington, DC bribed, cajoled, promised, and threatened their weak-kneed Democrat allies in the US House and Senate to convince a razor-thin majority of jackasses to ignore the will of the American electorate and put the locomotive in motion that will carry us on the 10-year journey to a US health care system completely controlled by Uncle Sam.

They celebrated their unpopular victory as conquerors...conquerors of subjects they rule rather than citizens they represent.

From the time the House of Representatives made their first plan public in July of last year, public approval has trended downward as the electorate read the bill and realized just how expansive and intrusive the plan was. Though approval spiked upward from time to time (especially during the President's promotional tours fawned over by the mainstream media), Americans were never fooled for long.

President Obama and his Democrat henchmen (and henchwomen) continued to negotiate behind closed doors, ignore any GOP attempts to influence the negotiations, and campaign for the passage of the bill most American voters found abhorrent. Earlier this month, the President couldn't even answer a reporter's question about what was in the bill and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "We have to pass the bill so you can...uh...find out what is in it."

Well, they did pass it and now we're finding out what's in it.

Obama got the expected bounce in the polls that comes with any nearly any political victory, but the bounce was temporary. Today, Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index is back at the same level as before the Sunday night vote...

For the dimwitted Democrats who believed the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-MSM tripe that we would love the bill once they crammed it down our throats, you were wrong (again)!

We still hate it!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GOP Candidates Pledge to "Repeal It!"

UPDATE: Princella Smith has been moved to the "Signed" column in the table below. Thanks Ms. Smith for pledging to repeal it! Now both Republican candidates in Arkansas' 1st Congressional District have signed the pledge. NO DEMOCRAT HAS SIGNED!!!!

The Club for Growth is encouraging all lawmakers, candidates, and citizens to pledge to work to repeal President Obama's government takeover of the US health care system signed into law today. Most Arkansas Republican candidates have already signed the pledge to Repeal It.

In races of concern to Lonoke County voters, the race for Blanche Lincoln's US Senate seat and the race for Marion Berry's 1st Congressional District seat, candidate for Congress Princella Smith and US Senate candidate Kim Hendren are the only two who haven't signed the pledge.

Because Ms. Smith only recently made the decision to file, her campaign was asked if she plans to sign the pledge but we haven't yet received a response. This article will be updated with her response when it is received.

The following table shows all candidates for US Senate and Arkansas' 1st Congressional District who have signed the pledge:

1st Congressional District

CandidatesRick Crawford
Princella Smith

Candidates Attend AFP's Regulation Reality Tour in Cabot

From the Tea Party of Lonoke County

On Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity stopped in Cabot along their Regulation Reality Tour. AFP is using the tour to educate voters to the danger of President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to impose job killing taxes on American citizens through new regulations.

Arkansas Director of AFP, Teresa Oelke introduces AFP President Tim Phillips

This new regulatory scheme was developed when Obama's infamous Cap & Trade stalled in the US Senate after scandals revealed the dishonesty and flaws in the arguments of scientists who earned their living researching Global Warming. As the alarmists evidence was shattered, the President's legislation ran out of gas in the US Senate.

Now our Socialist President who just effectively nationalized the US health care industry, and previously nationalized large portions of the US financial and auto industries, seeks to impose the same job-killing, tax-raising components of Cap & Trade through regulation instead of legislation.

The turn out was great for the middle of a work day in Cabot. Approximately 50-75 protesters came out to stand against this latest unconstitutional scam. Several running for office showed up to participate, protest, and promote their candidacies as well.

Two US Senate campaigns were represented. Republican Senate candidate Colonel Conrad Reynolds was there and one of his Republican primary challengers, Curtis Coleman was represented by his Scheduling and Press Contact Alex Reed. Reynolds is following the Regulation Reality Tour and visiting with voters at every stop. The retired US Army Colonel said he's making the rounds with AFP because "this is just another way the people of Arkansas are waking up to a government that is overreaching its bounds." Reed said Coleman wanted his campaign represented at the tour's stops because, as a small businessman, he'd "fought the EPA for seven years and spent $27 million navigating their duplicate bureaucracies and turf wars when all he wanted to do was make the world's food supply safe."

Colonel Conrad Reynolds (left) speaks with John Allison of the Tea Party of Lonoke County
Alex Reed (left) with Curtis Coleman's campaign speaks with Trent Eilts, candidate for Lonoke County JP, District 6

Several local Republican candidates were also present. Jack McNally, candidate for Lonoke County Tax Assessor, brought an American flag and worked the crowd telling voters what he hoped to accomplish when he replaces the incumbent double-dipping Democrat Jerry Adams. Chuck Graham, candidate for Lonoke County Prosecuting Attorney was also there listening to voters' concerns. (We thought we had a better picture of Chuck, but it looks like a rally-goer's arm was in the way when we snapped the picture. Sorry Chuck!)

Jack McNally (left),candidate for Lonoke County Tax Assessor visits with Col. Reynolds and another Lonoke County voter
Chuck Graham (center left), candidate for Lonoke County Prosecuting Attorney listens to voters' concerns

And both Republican candidates for Justice of the Peace District 6 were present. Incumbent District 6 JP Alexis Malham arrived with her sign, ready to protest. She also carried with her The Communist Manifest by Karl Marx, and pointed voters to sections in the book that show Obama and his Democrat henchmen are carrying us down the road mapped by Marx. Her Republican challenger, Trent Eilts was also present and spent his time hearing voters' concerns.

JP District 6, Alexis Malham (left) with her protest sign
Trent Eilts (right) speaks with Alex Reed

The Regulation Reality Tour continues tomorrow en route to hit 14 Arkansas cities in two and a half days.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Send Free Faxes Now!

From America, You Asked For It!
Note: As of March 18, David Dayen at FireDogLake has the vote count currently at 191 Yeas, 206 Nays on Obamacare. With leaners, it goes to 203 Yeas, 210 Nays.

Keep up the pressure, emails, phone calls, and faxes! They're working.

Citizens in Action always offers everyone the opportunity to send free faxes to their legislators, but now you can send their "Vote NO!" fax to 30 undecided members of Congress to help convince them we the American people don't want the Obamacare tragedy visited upon us.

  1. Click here to visit the CIA fax center.
  2. Complete the required info and check "Vote NO!" in the fax list.
  3. Click the "Request Fax" button at bottom of form.

And, voila! You just sent the following fax to 30 undecided Congressmen.

TO Representatives Harry Mitchell; Gabrielle Giffords; Ann Kirkpatrick; Jerry McNerney; John Salazar; Jim Hines; Alan Grayson; Bill Foster; Baron Hill; Mark Schauer; Gary Peters; Dina Titus; Carol Shea-Porter; Tim Bishop; John Hall;Bill Owens; Mike Arcuri; Dan Maffei; Earl Pomneroy; Steven Driehaus; Mary Jo Kilroy; Zach Space; Kathy Dahlkemper; Patrick Murphy; Christopher Carney; Paul Kanjorski; John Spratt; Tom Perriello; Alan Mollohan; Nick Rahall; Steve Kagen:

For the past year and a half, we, the American people, have repeatedly told our elected officials that we do not want Healthcare Reform legislation in its present form. For the past year and a half, our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.


Please vote NO on HR 3962!

How you vote on HR 3962 will determine how we, the American people, will vote in November 2010!



Thanks and please help spread the word!

All Arkansas Democrats in Congress Vote For Obamacare!

Oh not directly. But yesterday their "Yea" votes on House Resolution 1190 are, without a doubt, votes for Obamacare. And votes against the will of their constituents in Arkansas!

HR 1190 was a Republican attempt to block Democrats' "Slaughter Solution" (aka "Deem & Pass") that is being considered by Democrats as an end run around the Constitution's Article I, Section 5 requirement for an up or down vote on the Senate's version of Obamacare. Our Democrat Congressmen are so rash, narcissistic, and condescending they believe this unconstitutional tactic to avoid a direct vote on the bill will fool their constituents in Arkansas.

Pelosi and her Democrat allies (all the other 221 Democrats who voted for this resolution) think their constituents are stupid enough to believe yesterday's vote isn't a vote for Obamacare. But voting to avoid a direct vote and consider a bill passed without voting on it can't be considered anything but a "Yea" vote for the bill being avoided. (If that sentence seems a little confusing, it's because we want you to get the idea just how this Democrat play is designed to confound and confuse voters.)

In the last two days calls to Marion Berry's (AR-01)office yielded assurances that he will read the entire bill before voting on it, and no final bill was even out yet. Mike Ross (AR-04) outright lied when he declared his opposition to Obamacare. And Vic Snyder (AR-02) never made any bones about his disdain for his constituents' will. Now this.

Even President Obama admitted yesterday's vote IS a vote for the unpopular Obamacare in his contentious interview with Brett Baier on Wednesday. When asked by Baier if he supported the use of the "Slaughter Rule" he responded,

"What I can tell you is that the vote that's taken in the House will be a vote for health care reform. And if people vote yes, whatever form that takes, that is going to be a vote for health care reform. And I don't think we should pretend otherwise."

*emphasis added

This kind of Democrat shenanigan is exactly the reason we must send a conservative Republican to Congress from the 1st District in November. Doing so will guarantee a vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and put an end to this chicanery.

Rick Crawford
, one of two GOP candidates for Berry's seat spoke out against this unconstitutional tactic in his blog post, "Crawford Speaks Out Against 'Deem and Pass'."

On a day where a Fox News poll shows only 35% of Americans favor the health care reform bill, Pelosi is attempting to use a tactic dubbed “deem and pass” to push through the Senate’s health care reform bill, without having members of Congress actually vote on the bill. reports this plan is being considered because, “…many House Democrats don’t want to cast a vote in favor of the unaltered Senate bill, which they oppose for numerous reasons.”

Republican central Arkansas businessman Scott Wallace, running for Vic Snyder's 2nd District seat says it's time to "unequivocally say NO to government run health care" and put this issue to rest for good. Wallace's primary opponent Tim Griffin, a US Army reservist and former US attorney, called the vote against this "common sense resolution" a vote for Nancy Pelosi, and against the people of Arkansas. From Griffin's press release:

“It is clear Arkansans must elect a new conservative majority to Congress in 2010. More importantly, we need to elect conservative leaders who will represent our values, not Speaker Pelosi’s, and work for the people of Arkansas, not against them."

Garland County Tea Party President and GOP candidate for Mike Ross' seat in the 4th District, Glenn Gallas slammed all three Arkansas Democrat congressmen in his press release. Gallas says,

" [Ross] allowed the bill to go forward to the detriment of his constituents to please Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. When the Republicans moved to stop the “Slaughter Rule”, Mike Ross, Vic Snyder, and Marion Berry, voted along their party line as they often do, shooting down the chance of stopping the Slaughter rule, thereby permitting the Obama Health Care bill to move forward..."

These Arkansas turncoats can't hide behind the dishonest Democrats' devious tactics.

They voted for the bill, they voted for Obamacare, and they voted against the will of their constituents in Arkansas!

Help us remove Nancy Pelosi's gavel as Speaker of the House by electing conservative Republicans this fall!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1st District Candidates' Q & A with LCRC

On Monday, both GOP candidates for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District seat addressed members of the Lonoke County Republican Committee. Princella Smith and Rick Crawford were each allotted 15 minutes to address members and answer questions. Because Smith's address took 10 minutes, and Crawford's only 3, the time spent answering questions from members and guests differs. To meet YouTube's maximum video length of 10 minutes, Crawford's Q & A was split into two parts.

Here they are Lonoke County, your GOP candidates for Congress answering questions at this month's LCRC regular meeting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st District Candidates Address LCRC

On Monday, 3-8-2010, both GOP candidates for Arkansas' 1st Congressional District seat addressed the Lonoke County Republican Committee's regular monthly meeting. Each was allowed a total of 15 minutes for their speech followed by a question and answer period. A detailed written report on the content of their interaction will follow tomorrow in another post, along with video of each candidates' Q & A with the crowd. The following videos are the candidates' speeches.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Both 1st District GOP candidates to speak Monday in Cabot

On Monday, March 8, the Lonoke County Republican Committee will hold its regular monthly meeting. However, this may well prove to be an exciting and extraordinary event because both Republican candidates for Arkansas' 1st Congressional district will attend and address the committee at Grandpa's BBQ in Cabot.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm, but those who plan to eat should arrive by 6:30.

Rick Crawford has addressed the committee in the past, but in the early stages of his campaign. Crawford began campaigning in April of last year, long before retiring Democrat Congressman Marion Berry was considered vulnerable. The US Army veteran from Jonesboro has trekked the 1st District for nearly a year building a base of grassroots supporters. He embraced the Tea Party movement and counts many of these grassroots activists among his most ardent supporters. He runs a small business that serves the agriculture industry and therefore has deep ties with a key constituency in the 1st District.

Crawford has received endorsements from several groups and key Arkansas Republicans including former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Congressman Ed Bethune, and former Under Secretary of Homeland Security Asa Hutchinson.

The 1st District race recently drew a challenger to Crawford in the form of a 26-year-old congressional staffer of Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao from Louisiana. Princella Smith is originally from Wynne, Ar and has also worked as a spokesperson for Newt Gingrich's organization, American Solutions. In 2006, she worked for current Chairman of the Republican National Convention Michael Steele. Smith attracted national attention after winning MTV's "Stand Up and Holla" contest, which led to her inclusion as a speaker at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Though Smith waited until after Democrat incumbent Marion Berry announced he would not seek re-election this year, she hit the campaign trail running. Gingrich has endorsed her, along with local KARN radio host Dave Elswick. She came out swinging against Crawford in an interview with The American Spectator where she insinuated Huckabee and others may retract their endorsements of Crawford now that she has entered the race.

Both Crawford and Smith support the conservative positions of the GOP platform, but with several Democrats running for the seat being vacated by Berry Republicans need to nominate a candidate who appeals to a majority of voters in the 1st District. Conservative Arkansans cannot risk making an uninformed or ill-informed decision that could result in sending another Congressman to DC who will cast his/her first vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Electing a Republican to represent the 1st District will guarantee a vote against Pelosi, and will be the first step in taking our country back.

So, please, come meet Crawford and Smith on Monday, hear them speak, ask them questions, and decide for yourself who will best represent the 1st District in DC.

Seven Candidates to Square Off in GOP Senate Primary

Though the Republican party failed to field a candidate to challenge Mark Pryor in 2008, seven will battle this spring for the Grand Old Party's nomination to run for the seat currently held by Blanche Lincoln.

Colonel Conrad Reynolds has informed his supporters via email he intends to file on Monday at 11:00 AM. Reynolds is running for the GOP nomination for US Senate to replace Democrat Blanche Lincoln in November. He announced his candidacy on July 20 of last year, before it was obvious Lincoln was in trouble. Since he entered the race, the field of GOP candidates has become extremely crowded.

Four have filed for the seat already, including Curtis Coleman, Fred Ramey, State Senator Kim Hendren, and Congressman John Boozman. Two others, Randy Alexander and State Senator Gilbert Baker, will also file on Monday according to The Tolbert Report.

At one point there were 9 announced candidates running for the Republican nomination. But last month Tom Cox, North Little Rock businessman and co-founder of Arkansas Tea Party, Inc., announced he was withdrawing from the race. Just this week, Buddy Rogers let us know he too had stepped out of the crowded field.

For months polls have shown Lincoln will struggle against whoever wins the GOP nomination, but this week the Senator learned she will also have to win a tough primary battle that will be decided in May. Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, who's backed by radical leftists in the Democrat party, came out with guns blazing against Lincoln on Monday. And in less than a week, his campaign has received promises of millions in contributions from left-wing organizations like, ActBlue, and the AFL-CIO.

Monday, March 1, 2010

GOP Senate Candidates Stand Up for 2nd Amendment

Last Saturday, several of the GOP candidates seeking the nomination for US Senate addressed the 2nd Amendment Rally held at Barton Coliseum.

1st District GOP Committee Meeting

On Saturday, March 20 there will be 1st Congressional District Republican Committee meeting at the headquarters of the Lawrence County Republican Committee. All are welcome, committee member or not, and encouraged to attend.

Republican candidates for US Senate, US House of Representatives, Arkansas Governor, and Secretary of State have already committed to speak at this event. This is an excellent opportunity to meet, greet, and question candidates seeking your vote!

Registration will take place from 9-10:00 am and a $10 registration fee will be charged.

Location:Lawrence County GOP HQ

116 W. Main St.
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

Confirmed* candidates to speak:

US Senate

Congressman John Boozman
Senator Gilbert Baker
Senator Kim Hendren
Curtis Coleman
Conrad Reynolds
Senator Jim Holt
Fred Ramey
Randy Alexander

US Congress

Rick Crawford
Princella Smith


Jim Keet

Secretary of State

Mark Martin

*Invitation to speak is contingent upon candidate filing for office.

Keet to Formally Announce Candidacy in 5-City Tour Tomorrow

from the Republican Party of Arkansas

Former Republican State Senator and businessman Jim Keet will formally announce his candidacy for Arkansas Governor during a five city tour of Arkansas on Tuesday, March 2 and you're invited to attend!

Jim Keet

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Schedule

8:00 a.m. – Jonesboro: Jonesboro Municipal Airport (Lobby)

10:30 a.m.El Dorado: Airport – Goodwin Field (Conference Room)

1:30 p.m. – Little Rock: State Capitol, Old Supreme Court Chamber (South End, Second Floor)

4:00 p.m.Fort Smith: Airport – TacAir (Front Lawn, Weather Permitting)

6:00 p.m. – Bentonville: Benton County Public Services Center

Please spread the word to all your family and friends! Your participation and support is highly appreciated! We hope to see you there!

Jim Keet is the President of Taziki’s Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas and former President and CEO of Barnhill’s Buffet. In 1989, Keet was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives and in 1992 was elected to the Arkansas State Senate. He has been married to Margaret Keet for thirty-eight years and they have four children and two grandchildren.

Please visit to learn more about Jim Keet.

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