Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Care Town Halls with John Stossel

Thursday, October 29 will be an extraordinary opportunity for conservative Arkansans to voice their concerns over the monstrosity of a health care bill being constructed by Democrats in Washington behind closed doors. Americans for Prosperity is bringing John Stossel to Arkansas to conduct three town hall meetings on President Obama's government takeover of our health care system.

Stossel was, until recently, a lonely conservative voice on ABC where he co-anchored the popular news show 20-20. Last month, the conservative correspondent decided to leave the biased network to join Fox News.

On Thursday, Stossel will put in a full day as he travels across Arkansas from the southwest corner to the northeast. The events begin at 7:00 am in Texarkana and end with a 5:00 pm town hall in Jonesboro.

With conservatives being completely excluded from the writing of this bill that is now said to include the increasingly unpopular "public option" and our own representatives sending mixed signals on where they stand, a strong show of conservative angst is critical at this juncture.

Here's the schedule for Thursday. Please do everything you can to attend at least one of these events to help us get the message out.

October 29 – 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.
Texarkana Fair Grounds
Fine Arts Building
3700 E. 50th Street
Texarkana, AR

October 29 – 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Statehouse Convention Center
Lower Level
7 Statehouse Plaza
Near Intersection of Main & Markham)
Little Rock, AR

October 29 – 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Health Care Forum
Statehouse Convention Center
Hilton Garden Inn, Ballroom
2840 South Caraway
Jonesboro, AR

Register here to attend one or more of these town hall meetings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LCRC October Meeting Report

LCRC held its September meeting on Monday, October 12. Though the weather didn't really encourage folks to leave the house, we still had a pretty good turnout.

Recent events make the importance of our mission even more obvious as congressional Democrats demonstrate they're perfectly willing to run roughshod over the Constitution to ram President Obama's agenda down our throats. Ignoring the will of the people evidenced by the success of the Tea Parties and 912 movements, Senate Democrats (including our own Blanche Lincoln) passed the latest version of the President's government takeover of the nation's health care system.

Now is the time to get involved, and help turn the tide of Socialism pushed by Democrats in DC!

As the 2010 elections approach, our committee is drawing a lot of Republican candidates as speakers so these meetings are a great way to get to know those running for office next year. Over the past several months we've heard from candidates for local, state, and federal office. This month Mark Darr and Colonel Conrad Reynolds addressed our group. Darr is running for Lieutenant Governor next year and Col. Reynolds is vying for the US Senate seat currently held by Lincoln.

Darr is a graduate of Mansfield High School and Ouachita Baptist University. He currently owns his own business, operating Larry's Pizza franchises. He owned his own insurance agency before entering the restaurant business and believes his experience as a business owner provides an excellent background to be a great Lieutenant Governor. Darr and his wife currently reside in Springdale where she is an elementary school teacher.

In his address to the Committee, Darr explained that he chose to run for office because he's "enjoying life, but not enjoying the status quo." He believes Arkansas currently creates an environment that's not business friendly, costing Arkansans jobs and opportunities. With Democrats holding every statewide elected office, he believes we need people in these positions to stand against DC Democrats' efforts to make it even harder for small business owners to create jobs. As it stands now, Arkansas state government is little more than a rubber stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.

Darr opposes the Arkansas Lottery and considers it a tax on the poor. He believes our state and country need more business owners and veterans running for office and fewer professional politicians. If elected, he plans to push for the creation of a website that tracks where every dollar from the state treasury is spent in an effort to guarantee accountability and responsibility in state government.

Colonel Reynolds graduated from Batesville High School in 1978, but it was the last in a long line of schools he attended in his educational career. His father was an Arkansas State Policeman so the family moved around the state quite a bit during the Colonel's childhood. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas.

His service to the country began when he enlisted in the Army Reserves while still a college student at UCA. He was compelled to enlist by the Iran Hostage Crisis and a feeling that he "had to do something." After receiving his Bachelor's of Science degree from UCA in 1982, he received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant on active duty. He devoted the next 26 years of his life to the United States Army, working the vast majority of that time in the intelligence field and retiring last January.

Reynolds believes his experience as an intelligence officer in the Army will serve him and Arkansas well in the United States Senate. He pointed out that only 23% of the current members of the US Congress have any military experience, let alone 26 years as an intelligence officer. The leadership and managerial skills developed under difficult circumstances, and often in very fragile situations, provide him an insight that's increasingly scarce in the halls of Congress.

Colonel Reynolds recognizes his military career also provides him with a unique tie to Arkansas veterans. He understands the difficulties faced by today's active duty soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen, those faced by deploying reserve and National Guard troops, and veterans who've separated from the service. Reynolds hopes these ties will motivate Arkansas' 270,000 veterans to support his bid for the US Senate, and believes their support will propel him to victory in the Republican primary.

Reynolds claims another strength that none of the other contenders have is his lack of political ties. He stated "not one dime" he's collected for his campaign has come from a political action committee. "I don't owe anything [political favors] to anybody," he said. He believes this isn't the time for more professional politicians in the US Senate.

He also makes the case that he has no skeletons hiding in his closet, nothing for Lincoln to exploit in the general election next year. Reynolds still holds a Top Secret security clearance and his last polygraph was administered by the CIA. In other words, he has no "soft spots" for Democrats to attack. This is a strength rarely ever enjoyed by a prospective politician, and one that may help him greatly in this campaign.

You can visit the websites of Mark Darr and Colonel Conrad Reynolds to learn more about them and their plans to serve our state and country.

Join us next month on November 9 at Grandpa's BBQ in Cabot and help Lonoke County be instrumental in taking our country back in 2010!

*As always, the Lonoke County Republican Committee doesn't endorse any candidate until after the Arkansas Republican primary election. This report is offered only for informational purposes and should not be considered an endorsement for any candidate.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health Care Action Alert!

The time is now to let your voice be heard on President Obama's proposed government takeover of the US health care system! The Senate Finance Committee will vote TODAY on Sen. Max Baucus' (D-MT) completely partisan bill!

Chairman Baucus wrote the outline without input from any Republicans on the Committee and Republican amendments put forth during the bill's markup have been repeatedly voted down by Committee Democrats! This bill is completely written from the Democrats' perspective! It's time we let OUR Senators know they represent US and we don't want this bill to pass!

Everyone is needed, Please CALL, fax a letter to our Senator’s district offices today. Can you take a moment now to write a note and mail or fax in?

Also, would you please ask your friends to do the same? Just a simple statement or note asking our Senators to vote NO on Cloture, NO on rules changes to cram a bill through, and NO on the individual mandate which is another first step to the public option.

Their office information follows - email does not work especially with Sen. Pryor. PLEASE CALL or FAX:

Senator Lincoln, Little Rock Office
912 West Fourth Street
Little Rock , AR 72201
Phone: (501) 375-2993 or toll free 1-800-352-9364
Fax: (501) 375-7064

Senator Pryor, Little Rock Office
The River Market
500 Clinton Ave
Suite 401
Little Rock , AR 72201
Phone: (501) 324-6336
Fax: (501) 324-5320

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LCRC Monthly Meeting Tomorrow

The Lonoke Country Republican Committee will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at Grandpa's BBQ in Cabot. If you're deeply involved in politics or just curious about what goes on, we'd love to have you join us. You can view or download the minutes from last month's meeting or the agenda for tomorrow using the links below.

LCRC October Agenda



LCRC September Minutes



The Republican Party remains locked in an ideological battle with our opponents at all levels of government. On issues from abortion to health care to tax policy, a recently reinvigorated conservative movement has dealt a blow to the liberal agenda proposed (and already partially imposed on us) by Democrats who now control the White House and both houses of Congress. The party of President Obama, House Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid, remains firmly in control of Arkansas' Executive and Legislative branches as well.

If you're one of a growing majority who find themselves alienated, isolated, and frustrated by a government that continues to dismantle the foundation upon which the United States became the greatest country in the world, please join us in our efforts to elect strong conservative candidates who will truly and honestly represent Arkansas values and interests in Washington.

In that spirit, we work to introduce you to Republican candidates for local, state, and federal offices. This month, Colonel Conrad Reynolds and Mark Darr will address the committee. Reynolds is running for the US Senate seat currently held by Blanche Lincoln and Darr is running for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor.

So join us to get a first-hand, up close look at these candidates and meet like-minded conservatives working hard to make sure we elect folks who will represent Arkansas' values.