Sunday, March 28, 2010

Central Arkansas, are you ready to TEA Party?

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since conservative Americans started standing up to the liberal Socialists selling our country into the bonds of a collectivist slavery. But April 15 will be the anniversary of our first Tax Day TEA Party!

To build momentum and support for the upcoming anniversary Tax Day TEA Party, Tea Party Express III has embarked on its "Just Vote Them Out!" tour. Yesterday, thousands (we've seen estimates from 10-20,000) of disenchanted voters descended on the tiny town of Searchlight, NV to kick off the tour in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hometown.

The map above shows all the stops along the way, from yesterday's in Searchlight to the final stop on April 15 in Washington, DC. The tour will stop in Little Rock on Saturday, April 3 at 10 AM. We need everyone who can make it to turn out and help us send a message that our elected representatives still don't seem to get.

We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Let your friends who don't live in our area know about the tour also. They can check the times and dates of the stops nearest them by clicking here:

We hope you'll be in Little Rock to show your support Tea Party Express III's "Just Vote Them Out!" tour!

As important as this rally is, remember it's also serving to get the protest juices flowing once again in conservative activists for the upcoming nationwide demonstrations on April 15. If you can't make it on the 3rd, please make plans to attend our anniversary Tax Day TEA Party on the 15th at the steps of the state Capitol from 5 to 7 PM.

Our goal is to make this our largest demonstration yet. Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser turned conservative author and commentator, will be the keynote speaker at this event. This year, there will be no politicians speaking at the event. Our goal is to make them hear our voices at this event!

An interesting twist at the rally this year (and another great reason to attend) will be a straw poll conducted by Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. and Secure Arkansas. Though details are still being hammered out, we're told the poll will include the US Senate race and others. Everyone who votes in the straw poll will be required to dip a finger in a bottle of indelible ink to ensure each person may vote only once.

The mark is intended to remind voters of the first free Iraqi elections after dictator Saddam Hussein was deposed. Though Al Qaeda terrorists threatened to target any who participated in those elections, free Iraqis voted and left the polling places brandishing their ink stained fingers in front of cameras that broadcast the images around the globe. The images of a people finally free and able to have a voice in their government were powerful, and similar images of Tea Party protesters defying a government Hell-bent on trampling our freedoms will hopefully send a message to our elected officials just how serious we are about stopping this train to Socialism.

Even if attendance at the rally is the same as last year, this will be the largest straw poll taken in the state. But we're hoping for a larger crowd this year. In either case, this straw poll will send a clear message to the political establishment and to the media that the Tea Party movement is a force to be reckoned with.

Please join us on April 3 and April 15 to make your voice heard.

It's up to us to let the politicians in Little Rock and DC know we won't lie down and let them destroy our country!

PS: Here's a little video from last year's Tax Day TEA Party to get you in the mood! Enjoy.

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