Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which candidate for Cabot mayor is a Republican?

Today, both candidates for mayor of Cabot are claiming to be Republicans. For one, there's no doubt the title applies. But digging a little deeper makes it appear the other may only be trying to ride the coattails of the recent Republican tsunami to victory by using the moniker.

Stubby Stumbaugh is the current chairman of the Lonoke County Republican Committee. He was elected as a Republican and served a previous term as mayor of Cabot before the City Council voted to make all city elections non-partisan. Stumbaugh passed up the opportunity to seek a second term to lead the city when he opted to carry the GOP banner and challenge then-Democrat congressman Marion Berry in the 2006 race to represent Arkansas' 1st Congressional District.

As for Bill Cypert, it's hard to find any evidence that he's a Republican. In fact, a Google search for such evidence turns up one recent article in the Cabot Star-Herald that states Cypert claims to be "a 40-year Republican." And that article, with Cypert's claim, only surfaced AFTER the historic GOP victory on election night.

But that's it. An online search of for political donations by Cypert turns up empty. There's no other evidence to support his claim.

So, is Cypert's last minute claim of being a Republican for real? We'll let you decide, but first we'll point to one more piece of evidence that may tell the ultimate tale. A quick peek at the two candidates' Facebook pages makes clear that, at the very least, Cypert isn't as willing to wear the Republican tag as Stumbaugh.

On every member's profile, Facebook offers a place to proclaim one's political affiliation. The following pictures are screenshots of both candidates' Facebook profile pages on 11/18/2010 at 10 PM.

There's one candidate who's been unashamedly a Republican for years and there's another who claims the label only when it's the popular thing to do. When it's politically expedient.

If you want a Republican to fill the mayor's seat in Cabot, Stubby Stumbaugh is the only sure bet. Vote for Stubby Stumbaugh on November 23!

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