Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coleman Calls Brown Win Part of "Triple Crown Victory"

The following is a press release from Curtis Coleman's campaign:

(LITTLE ROCK, AR – 20 JANUARY 2010) Calling it part of a “Triple Crown victory for all Americans”, Curtis Coleman, conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, congratulated Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown on his historic come-from-behind victory in Massachusetts. “Scott Brown’s victory in the Democratic bastion of Massachusetts gives enormous impetus to the snow-balling momentum building across the country to return to elected officials who actually listen to and faithfully represent the wishes and views of their constituents,” Coleman said.

“This is a Triple Crown victory with McDonnell / Christy / Brown. Arkansans will contribute to this celebration on November 2 when they make it a grand slam home run with McDonnell/Christy/Brown and Coleman.”

“We must remember that this is not just about winning elections,” he said. “This is about stopping Washington’s out-of-control spending and reducing the size and cost of government. This is about making healthcare more affordable and more accessible for all Americans while we stop the government’s takeover of our most personal healthcare decisions. This is about creating jobs and lowering taxes for America’s hard-working families.”

“We’ll be winning more elections all over the country in 2010,” Coleman said, “but we must not lose sight of the goal of recovering the liberties we’ve been losing one election, one bill, and one vote at a time. The time for compromise on fundamental freedoms has passed. We must use our victories as conservatives to recover what we’ve lost as Americans.”

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