Monday, November 23, 2009

RPA Winter Republican Leadership Summit

The Republican Party of Arkansas has announced its Winter Republican Leadership Summit will be held December 5th at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. The all day events will include the state committee meeting and grassroots training sessions, but the main event is likely to be the Iowa-style Straw Poll for the Party's candidates to replace US Senator Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

Tickets to the event are $15 per person, but will only be sold in blocks of 10. Anyone can purchase a ticket to attend the events at the summit, but only guests with a current Arkansas driver’s license, a current Arkansas College/University ID, or a current voter registration card, and must be at least 18 years old by November 3rd 2010 will be allowed to vote in the straw poll.

Curtis Coleman is actively seeking your vote in the Straw Poll via Facebook. If you can be a delegate or a delegate captain for Coleman, he asks that you please contact Brandon Scaife at BRANDON.SCAIFE@CURTISCOLEMAN.COM as soon as possible.

Arkansas State Senator Gilbert Baker posted a request for support in the Straw Poll on his Facebook wall and Fred Ramey informed us via Facebook he will also be participating.

Colonel Conrad Reynolds is encouraging his Republican supporters to turn out also. “I look forward to seeing all Republican Senate candidates in Hot Springs and the opportunity to speak to thousands of Arkansans about how we can restore our voice in Washington,” said Reynolds in a September 29 press release.

State Senator Kim Hendren is looking forward to the straw poll as well. "I would like to join the other candidates in asking for folks' to turn out and cast their vote. It should be a good learning experience for all of us," he said in response to our query via his website.

Buddy Rogers told us, "I am participating in the December 5 straw poll to be held in Hot Springs. I encourage my supporters to attend. I will not be buying more than the required number of tickets the event because I can better judge my actual support relying on those supporters who are willing to buy their own tickets from their county committees rather than manufacturing 'support' by buying it. Although I don't expect to win the straw poll, a strong showing will be immensely encouraging."

When asked if he'll be participating, founder of Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. Tom Cox said "Yes. We're looking forward to it." Cox also announced he'll be happy to provide tickets for his supporters who contact his campaign and request them.

With a crowded field of 7 announced Republican candidates already in the race, this a great opportunity to get a feel for where each stands and make your voice heard on who will be the Republican nominee to face Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

Since tickets will only be sold in blocks of 10, please complete the form below if you're interested in attending. We'll contact you to collect for your tickets once we have a group of 10 who desire to attend. We'll then make arrangements to collect payment for your tickets, we'll purchase the tickets, then get them delivered to you. Since tickets are only sold in blocks of 10, we'll need to collect payment in advance and assign groups on a first come, first served basis.

LCRC has not endorsed a candidate in the 2010 race for US Senate and purchasing your ticket through LCRC in no way obligates you to vote for a particular candidate, or in a bloc with others in your group. We are providing this service as a means to make it easier for you to participate in the conference and straw poll, not to solicit support for any particular candidate.

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  1. I'd love to go, but we need at least 10 people to sign up to attend.