Monday, August 17, 2009

Snyder Town Hall Tomorrow 8-18-09

Obama's permanent campaign organization, Organizing for America, just sent out a notice a couple of hours ago to (supposed) supporters of the President notifying them of a Vic Snyder town hall meeting at the Statehouse Convention Center, Wally Allen Ballroom, tomorrow at 12:00 noon. The email also included instructions to arrive no later than 11:30, but the page on the OFA website doesn't mention that.

Also required to attend is an RSVP by emailing or calling 501.683.5239.

This super late notice and the complicated instructions are an obvious attempt to pack this meeting with the President's supporters. These back door tactics remind us we must be ever vigilant and remain on guard, even when things begin to go our way. This administration will stop at nothing to force feed us its version of change for our country.

We need anyone and everyone who can be there and who opposes President Obama's dream of a government-run health care system to attend.

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