Friday, September 25, 2009

RPA Newsletter 9/25/09

from the Republican Party of Arkansas

A big part of being a United States Senator is the ability to lead. Leadership in the Senate is fundamental to Arkansas . We need two Senators who are willing to step forward and lead the way for Arkansans as they work to pass legislation that reflects the views of the people. Unfortunately, the last several years have shown a total lack of leadership on the part of Senator Blanche Lincoln.

Not only has she failed to provide leadership for her own party in Arkansas , she has failed to provide leadership for the people of Arkansas , and has been an abysmal failure as a United States Senator. That is why the Republican Party of Arkansas is committed to retiring Blanche Lincoln from the United States Senate.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln has behaved like an ostrich. She keeps burying her head in the sand when it comes to the important issues of our day. She blindly follows the liberal Democrats in the Senate instead of leading on the issues important to the people of Arkansas . That's why it was no surprise to hear Sen. Lincoln blindly speaking of the Senate being able to craft a "bipartisan health reform bill."

Clearly Sen. Lincoln hasn’t listened to the people of Arkansas. She is clearly siding with Harry Reid and his liberal cronies in the Senate who are trying to ram their health care bill through the Senate without a real chance for consideration by the American people.

It's time to tell Senator Lincoln enough is enough. We won't tolerate your lack of leadership any longer.

Together we can lead the Republican Party of Arkansas and the people of Arkansas to victory in 2010.

It's time for leadership.

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